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What are you "Grilling this Summer"?

Question asked by jerrycoin on Jul 22, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2013 by eb5147

One of the nice things about Residence Inn's is their availability to "Grill your own Meals" at most locations!


Since I love grilled food, I wonder if others can share in their RI, or other "Grilling experiences"!  Watching "Travel and Food Channel" I enjoy watching the grilled foods that come out of Texas, Memphis, The Carolinas, Kansas City, and more!



Again, if you have experiences with RI, at home, or at a dining establishment, please share with other MRI!  Here are a few places I recently saw featured on TV, but have not been:


Hilltop, outside of Boston


Pats, King of Steaks, Philadelphia (Actually, the  originating home of The Philly Cheese Steak)


Cattleman's Steakhouse, El Paso, TX


Big Texan, Amarillo, Texas


This is a place in Ft. Worth, that I really enjoyed:IMG_0204.JPG



My buddy Dr. Bill, wanted his picture taken in front of the place it was so good!


The Buckhorn Exchange, in Denver, is another wonderful place to great grilled beef, buffalo, elk, etc!


Here's to all of you out there who enjoy the "Joy of grilling"!


What fun, especially doing it "Your way"!  Share your photo's and stories as well!