Annapolis Marriott Waterfront

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             Old, plain building, but excellent staff and terrific location                                   We could see up to the Severn River - a shot of marina for my pal eb5147


This is an older building (I remember as a Hilton as a kid) that is a basic six floor rectangle with small rooms (a bit larger than the Marriott NY Eastside cozy). I have stalked their prices for over three years, there is no down time (not winter, not holiday dead zones, nothing) and the posted rates have never dropped below $250 and often can touch $400 and for several misfortunate ones, the views can be mediocre at best. But wait, I haven't come to bury Marriott, but to praise it, well at least not to bury it. The rates are high because there are only 149 rooms and between Annapolis, the Chesapeake Bay, the US Naval Academy, and the Maryland state capital, there just is very little chance of low occupancy - ever.


The staff at least during our stay, was superbly trained, very friendly, and competent. The property does not have a Concierge Lounge and provides breakfasts in their restaurant (with, if early enough, a lovely water view). So let's take a look at check in; they welcome you, they walk you through valet parking guidelines, they explain your amenity options and then go on to describe their breakfast program, exceed the guidelines and you pay (but, they've had that headache, so they must describe). They average 10-30 platinums a day, so imagine the potential for back up. These poor front desk folks are jumping through hoops trying to keep all sides happy (did I mention, that to a person, they are all friendly, helpful, and competent?). The hotel does make the nice gesture of having a pot of coffee in the lobby before breakfast opens for any early birds (a nice touch CY might consider at least prior to the infamous Bistro opens).


As an experiment I took the $10 F & B credit, I called down, "can I use the F&B credit for these two bottles of $4 Fiji water? - "No, you must go to the bar" (again supporting skiadcock   view that this was all done to drive F&B revenue). So I go to the bar, get my water and ask the two bartenders, "How's this F&B credit working out for you guys?"  "It's a major PITA, and please quote us on that".  I informed them that Marriott on Insiders had stated the $10 credit was the minimum and GMs could decide otherwise; they looked like we would look if someone said to us, "just tell Marriott you want Bogo's"!


You can't beat the location (terrific for meeting your pals with boats - nothing better than having friends with boats, all the fun with little of the headache), they also have a pleasant dining area (breakfast was fine, I ate other meals around town) and happy hour zone with music on the marina. Sorry, I forgot to check out the fitness area (perhaps it was my second waffle cone that made me forget) and as I wrote, the staff was competent.

This was a worthwhile experience for me, in that it demonstrated to me how the corporate decisions can affect the front line employees as much, if not more than even us.


Naval Academy Chapel and JP Jones Crypt                                                Plebe Orientation







Kunta Kinte landed at Harbor where the Marriott is located. Hey cable TV, how

about re-running Roots (Alex Haley above) for new viewers and less Honey Boo-Boo?


PS -   the Rolling Stones tribute band we caught down at the Rams Head (a comfortable showroom where we try to catch a performance once every one or two years) was an enjoyable evening. If you like Stones music (no, it's not Mick and the boys, but for $28.50 per, it's a good time with talented performers) then take a few friends (our trade for a boat trip-great times all around) and reminisce, you'll be glad you did.