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2 weeks in France in February

Question asked by schizicb on Jul 12, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2013 by jerrycoin

I am planning on traveling to France in February. I have never been, but I did study French in college for a bit. I'm flexible on dates a little bit, and I'd like to spend about two weeks. I'd like to stay in Paris for at least a week, staying in a Marriott on points to help keep the trip in the budget-friendly range. I am a platinum member, too, so it's always nice to take advantage of the perks.


I'm looking to see historic sites and art but also experience more of the local life. I'd also like to take it easy on the itinerary, so I'm not necessarily rushing from one museum to the next but spreading them out over a couple of days.


Here are my questions:

1) Which hotel should I stay at in Paris? I have plenty of points, so that won't matter, but I would like to be away from the touristy areas while still within walking/public transportation distance of the major sites and hotels.

2) Any recommendations on other cities/towns to see in France in February? I'm pretty open. I was thinking the south of France, maybe Marseille, but obviously wouldn't be at a Marriott for that one.

3) What are the must sees/eats/dos in Paris and any other parts of France that you would recommend?


Thank you in advance for any help!