Future Travel ...NYC to LA in 45min?

Discussion created by vaboywnder on Jul 15, 2013
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According to an article posted on The Next Web "Entrepreneur and Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk will publish an “alpha design” for Hyperloop, an entirely new form of public transportation that is faster than the bullet train and potentially self-powering, on August 12."


The proposed Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies (ET3) project would utilize "car sized passenger capsules" which are 5' in diameter and could hold up to 6 passengers in each.


Travel times between NYC and LA would be 45min with a projected cost of $100 per passenger as reported by an articled in Yahoo.


The ET3 system could also be built for international travel where travelers could travel from NYC to China in 2hours as depicted in the following project video:



If this project takes off I could easily see this hurting the airline industry.  What do you think?