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Upcoming Hawaii Vacation

Question asked by weeklytravelwarrior on Jul 15, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2014 by weeklytravelwarrior

Hi...I am planning a vacation for myself and a pal of mine over New Year's, 2014.  So far, all we know is we are going to Hawaii   .  I have one room booked in Honolulu, and another at the Wailea Resort on Maui.  We have been friends for 15+ years, and since we live on opposite ends of the country, this will be a bit of a "best friends reunion" and we can't wait!!  We are trying to decide whether to fly into Oahu or Maui, and are hoping for some advice.  Honolulu is appealing because of the many options for nightlife, but seems a bit unappealing from the "mass tourist attraction" perspective.  Maui seems like the better option (neither of us have kids) but we want to make sure that there is plenty to do.  Neither of us has ever been to Hawaii, so I think there will be LOTS to see and do, but neither of us is interested in just hanging out in the hotel in the evenings watching nightlife options are a must....especially on New Year's!  Will we be bored in Maui, or overcome with too many tourists in Oahu?  All comments/suggestions appreciated.  Thanks!!