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Romantic Resort with Swim up pool in USA

Question asked by b_koutsky on Jul 12, 2013

Hi All,


Would LOVE your suggestions.

We are looking to do an extended romantic weekend getaway WITHOUT the kids mid August.


My only criteria are:

*In USA (not USVI or Bahamas)

*More couple focused, than family focused (Yippee!  For once!)

*Warm weather place

*Has to have a nice pool (not talking slides here, rather a larger pool, or more than 1 pool, comfy lounge chairs)

*Pool side bar

*Would be great to have a swim up bar

*Would love an outdoor dining option

*Doesn't HAVE to be on the beach, but that would be a nice plus

*Not necessarily looking for high-end, stuffy feel (more of a laid-back, relaxing, beachy feel)


Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!