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Q about credit for nightly stays...

Question asked by jeb13 on Jul 16, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2013 by mendocr

Not trying to get something for nothing, just trying to get clarification on accruing credit for stays. 


A co-worker and I arranged to stay in a Marriott Courtyard for 3 nights last month; we had the client direct bill the room to themselves, saving us the step of invoicing them, etc.  The hotel had our (Gold) Rewards numbers and provided free Wi-fi as a benefit thereof.  I noticed afterwards that no credit was ever assigned to my Gold account so made inquiry of the 1-800 Rewards Desk.  A very nice young lady made inquiry on my behalf and after a few days advised that after talking to the hotel (in the Caribbean), teh position the hotel took was that since the account was direct billed to a 3rd party, " points are assigned [to me]."  I get that and and can apprecite the logic that since I did not pay anything out of pocket, I should not get any points based on the cost of the room. 


But I kind of got lost in the maze and neglected to ask her furtherabout the actual reason for my inquiry:  I am, like everyone else, trying to maintain my elite status and am trying to attain the 50 night requirement again this year.  My thinking was and is that since I did stay there, I should be entitled to the 3 nights' credit toward my elite status.  Am I wrong?  I'll certainly appreciate any clarifying responses.  I am not seeking exception to the rules, I just need to better understand the rule and at this point am a bit confused.  In some ways, asking makes me feel like a beggar and I begin to ask myself if the quest for renewal is worth it or not in the face of such rigidity.  Thanks for any thougths you might have.