SpringHill Dresses Up Breakfast

Discussion created by erc on Jul 15, 2013

With the millions of United elites storming the Concierge Lounge, perhaps a nearby SpringHill can provide refuge. But why do I fear what actually appears to be an improvement over the already very nice SpringHill breakfast?


Look dear, it's the Marriott Enhancer


Help me Insiders, what's the catch?

Is it in the asterisk point      * Items vary by location and day of week.

Perhaps buried deep in the bowels of the T & C it states; SpringHill will now only provide enhanced breakfasts and therefore meals may vary by location and day of week based on previous explanations when we were enhanced:  'projected occupancy', Marriott's interpretation of customer surveys, or the infamous, "most SpringHillers weren't eating breakfast anyway" clause?).


Oh my, I hope they're not enhancing my waffles

PS - it took several attempts just to log on courtesy of the enhanced web site