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JW Marriott Staff Refused to give GM's name

Question asked by b.g.dixon on Jul 10, 2013

JW Marriott in Houston refuses to give the name of the person speaking, who was somewhat curt and semi-rude.  She also refuses to give the name of the General Manager.  Fact:  JW Marriott has caller I.D. of anyone calling into the hotel.  Fact:  The person answering the phone new my name and phone number and could identify my last stay and room number without me supplying any of that information . As far as I could tell it was a wonderful stay.  I was awarded a great suite upgrade, etc. There were no problems with me or my stay. The reason she gave was for security purposes, she refused to give names of management to incoming callers.  That seems absurd since I'm a platinum member and have stayed several times before and they have all my information in their computer system.   I nave noticed when staff refuses to identify themselves the service diminishes as it did in this case.  What are your thoughts?