Inconceivable!  The Platinum Arrival Gift Is No More!  :-(

Discussion created by texasvoyager on Jul 9, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2014 by marriottmemberfromla

So I checked in this past week to the Marriott in Kansas City and, after ten years of heavy business travel, am told that the Platinum Arrival Gift has 'changed'.  There is no longer a choice of a beverage and snack delivered to you room.  You can get either a $10 'voucher' or 500 bonus points.  Apparently, this is a corporate decision.  Seriously?  For someone who is Platinum, Platinum Premier, or Platinum Lifetime, 500 points is a rounding error and one such already has access to the concierge's lounge so what is the point of a $10 voucher?  It may have been a small token of thanks but, for Marriott's most loyal and longtime clientele and after several hours of travel, this welcome gift has always been greatly appreciated and has set the full Marriott properties apart from the Fairfields, Spring Hills, Town Places, Residence Inns, and Courtyards.  Only last month a Marriott, Front Desk Manager said to me, "Thank you for 'living' at Marriott."  I suddenly no longer feel so welcome.  Are they really ''saving" dollars by dissing their top guests?  Is anyone else here dismayed by this?