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Marriott Key Largo Nightmare!

Question asked by mammothskier on Jul 7, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2013 by rjcolton

Continuing saga: I attempted to book a 3 day stay on July 6 at the Marriott Key Largo via internet using points.  The stay requested was for Thursday through Saturday, July 11 through 14.  I was at first denied the use of points for this stay but was allowed to book the same room for cash!  I then called Marriott Customer Relations and spoke with Josh who attempted to negotiate with Sam, the manager of the Key Largo Marriott. 

The manager first stated that he only had a double-room suite available for Saturday night.  We asked him to back up the reservation request by one day to avoid his Saturday conflict.  He responded that “Friday too was totally booked for single rooms”.  I was at the time logged-in to and watched as his site changed the availability of both Saturday and Friday to a slightly higher rate single room at $259/night.  Still no points allowed!

Totally frustrated, I posted a question on this board and received an almost immediate response from Marriott On-line Customer Service suggesting I go ahead and book the three nights available for cash at $259/night and purchase a Marriott Gift Card to cover the cost…even though that increased my points required from 105,000 to 190,000!

I would have posted the entire Marriott chain of emails that followed but they included a statement indicating that the Marriott emails are “private communications-and are prohibited from being disclosed”.

I then went back on-line to book the room per Marriott’s instructions only to find that the manager of the Key Largo Marriott had changed the entire month of July to show only 2 room suites available at $649/night!  This would then cost me 520,000 points for a 3 night stay that should only be 105,000.

This is simply outrageous conduct by a Marriott manager attempting to thwart his own Customer Care suggestion!  I have informed Marriott Corporate that I intend to pursue this matter in the courts as it appears to me that Marriott has committed fraud at the very least and if it is now Marriott policy to misrepresent available rooms on the internet simply to drive the cost up for their customers, perhaps it is time for all Marriott customers to take a hard look at this company and how they treat previously loyal 15 year customers!


Message was edited by: mammothskier Just got off the phone with the manager at Marriott Key Largo...apologies accepted!  we got our room.  Enough people have accessed my blog that I will leave it up for a while longer including the resolution...then take it down.