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What is Marriott's new Destinations Points System Impact on I.I. Trades and point usage

Question asked by mammothskier on Jul 6, 2013
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Member for 15 years...2 weeks at Palm Springs.  Past 18 months have found it very difficult to make similar trades for our properties that were easily made prior to Marriott's new Destinations Program.  Is anyone else having the same issues?  This week, for the first time in 15 years, we found ourselves "blacked-out" from using points at both Marriott and Courtyard properties in Key Largo, Florida.  Many phone calls by Corporate Customer Relations to Marriott Hotel, Key Largo manager "Sam" resulted in his changing his story about units available on Friday but not Saturday...then when we decided to back-up a day...he responded that "woops...Friday was also not available!  The entire time I was on-line watching his inventory change to "available for cash but not points".  Still would not book us for points!  We have been emailed by other II members to consider joining a class action against Marriott for taking inventory out of II to be used in their new Points System.  Thus causing extreme hardship for long-time members when trying to trade for properties on a very reduced inventory!




Added footnote:  July 9...Finally contacted the Customer Relations manager at Marriott Key Largo who did arrange for us to get the requested room for points!  We hope to have a great but short vacation stay!  I concede that this is a separate issue from the Destinations Program concerns, which are still very disconcerting!        message was edited by: mammothskier