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Question asked by jerrycoin on Jul 7, 2013
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Need you help on updating dining places in Houston.  It's been a couple of years since I have been in Houston and really enjoyed the "Classics" of old, but now I am reading about new places that make me want to come back!


Can you or anyone comment on the following?  Please add to the list if you would like!  Here Goes:


Cafe Pondicheri,     2800 Kirby, sounds like a great "Breakfast stop, especially if you like good grits!


Blacksmith,           1018 Westheimer, They serve vietnamese steak and eggs as one of their special dishes.


Reef,                    2600 Travis, supposedly has wonderful seafood, and a karaoke stage as well!


Underbelly,            1100 Westheimer, sounds special, and features local food products and wonderful seafood!


Vieng Thai             6929 Long Point Road, authentic Thai food!


Asia Market,          1010 W. Cavelcade, Ste. D, another Thai "Star" place to dine!


Crawfish and Noodles, 11360 Bellaire Blvd., outstanding Cajun-Vietnamese food!


Haven,                   2502 Algerian Way, New American food!


Hugo's                   1600  Westheimer, upscale Mexican food!


Himalaya Rest.       6652 Southwest Fwy., Pakistani and Indian canteen!


London Sizzler        6690 Southwest Fwy., A wide variety of foods from all over the world!


In closing, most of these places are easily available from The JW on Westheimer!


Enjoy this dishes, and comment or add some more to make your Houston dining experience very memorable!