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CFCA-Does anyone sponsor a child or aged person?

Question asked by lakeshore on Jul 6, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2013 by lakeshore

Hello Insiders!

When our first child was 2 months old, my husband and I decided to sponsor a baby boy through CFCA. Over the years we have written back and forth with his mother, sister, aunt, and then, when he was old enough, him :) hearing about his life, sharing our life with him, sending photos and watching him grow. Now, after 12 years, we are taking our 3 sons to meet him and his family in Costa Rica, where they live. We are thrilled! This is a trip we have been wanting to make happen for a very long time, and it is hard to believe that it will really be happening, and soon! We feel so blessed to get to meet him and his family!

I was just curious to know if any other Insiders have sponsored someone through CFCA, and if so, have you ever gotten to meet them?

Thanks so much!