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Pools better at FFI, CY, or RI?

Question asked by 507312734 on Jul 5, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2013 by 507312734

We are heading to Toledo, OH for a night to go to the zoo there.  My kids really like FFI, but the pools are super small.  It looks like the RI near the zoo has an outdoor pool, which might be nice this time of year.  And there are 3 CYs in Toledo.  We are new to Marriott Rewards and have never stayed at a CY or RI.


We have been very happy with FFI.  We enjoy the 24-hour coffee in the lobby, cookies in the afternoon, and free breakfast.  They have all been clean and comfortable and friendly.  But my kids for sure make use of the pools, and the echo in those tiny FFI pools is less than relaxing.


Thanks for any suggestions on pools, or specifically Toledo choices.