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Marriott Son Antem & Marriott Club Son Antem ?

Question asked by willmoac on Jul 8, 2013
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Has anyone had experience of the MVCI Club Son Antem since the Son Antem hotel on the resort has left Marriott?

We are MVCI owners and have traded our own week for Marriott Ile De France (Paris) to Marriott Club Son Antem, having a confirmed reservation for 2 August for a week. I was therefore rather surprised to see on Trip Advisor while researching the island, that Marriott no longer operate the Son Antem Hotel. This resort which has a spa, golf course plus MVCI villas and previously a Marriott 5 star hotel, no longer has the hotel.


Apparently the hotel is now being managed & operated by a Spanish chain.


However no one has bothered to tell us this, as said we have a confirmed reservation booked at MVCI Son Antem, but as the hotel & villas share the same site you would have thought someone from the resort or MVCI owner services may have told us.


Previously you could have one room account at the complete resort and charge everything to one account whether you were a hotel guest or villa guest, the bars & restaurants that most villa guests used were the hotel ones, also the main outdoor pool and associated pool bar were in the hotel area rather than the villa area, whether you can still use these as a villa guest who knows? We have stayed at MVCI Club Son Antem a few times before and had foolishly expected that things would be the same this year. Whilst every few villas has a small pool located with it, this is not the same as the main pool where there is more of a chance for my son to make friends & play with others.


Any information that anyone can share, either a recent guest or even someone from MVCI would be gratefully received!