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A home away from a real home!!!

Question asked by syreeta.collins on Jul 3, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2013 by laurac

     I would like to nominate the Housekeeper named "Tina" at the Lithia Springs, Georgia- Fairfield Inn. My children and I were displaced from our home in December of 2012. The only second home that I have ever known since 1998, led me to seek an extended stay at ANY Marriott with vacancy. I began my travels at an early age as a consultant.  The Marriott chain of properties has been my corporate and business home for over 15 years. Our stay in its entirety was a difficult decision to make. I am a divorced, small business owner and a mother of four. We humbled ourselves and lived in room 117, until I was able to find a home of our own. The entire staff was awesome! They always asked how we were doing. Shanita, Shai, Kamerion, Delores, and the property manager Mr. A. Johnson were all sent from heaven. The entire staff at that location watched us, helped us and encouraged us on a daily basis. The shining star "Tina" would count out our linen ahead of time, even when she was off. We never wanted for anything. "Tina" also took pride in telling all of my kids to have a great day at school. She became apart of our extended family. Miss "Tina" was there for my childrens proms, graduations, science projects and she would bring them tokens of her kindness to keep their faith alive. We love her dearly and were not the only family she did this for. That is what makes her SO special. Please take a brief moment to showcase how she renewed our faith in fellow men. Although we were technically HOMELESS for 6 months, she never treated us that way. Mr. Marriott thank you for Mr. A. Johnson, who runs an awesome ship at the Fairfield Inn. After staying at many of the Marriott properties all over the world, I  feel as if this Fairfield Inn should be apart of the Autograph Collection! They are PRICELESS. I moved out of the Fairfield Inn on May 9, 2013. The kids and I, are finally in our own home. We still drive by the Fairfield Inn as a reminder of A home away from a real home! Has anyone out there had to experience being homeless? If you ever have to go through that type of situation...find the nearest MARRIOTT.

Forever a Marriott Rewards Family Member,

Syreeta C.