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Why am I being cheated out of Gold status?

Question asked by gwg on Jul 2, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2013 by mickeymyat

I have tried the online comment form, but am not getting any response.  I have tried email direct to  Again, no response.


I will try this forum as a last resort.


I was given temporary Gold status and invited to register for the Taste of Gold promotion.  I registered.  The rules were simple:  I needed to achieve 6 stays by June 30 in order to maintain Gold status through Feb 2015.

It was not easy, but I achieved 6 stays before the June 30 deadline.  (Also, to be fair, these were not all single-night stays.  Most were multiple-night stays.  So Marriott certainly profitted from my business.)


The 6th stay -- the last one I needed to achieve the challenge -- ended June 30.  That's when I checked out.


As you know, Marriott Rewards usually takes a couple of days to post stays to your account.  So my stay ending June 30 was not posted until July 2.


To my surprise and disappointment, I was too late.  The challenge (Promotion) was closed and I lost the opportunity to confirm Gold status.


To add insult to injury, I was immediately demoted to Silver status.  I received only a 20% bonus for my stay, not the 25% Gold bonus.  I had Gold status throughout my June 28-30 stay, so I should have received 25% for the stay.


The bigger issue, of course, is being cheated out of the Taste of Gold promotion.  I obeyed the rules and completed 6 stays by June 30.  5 of those stays were posted by June 30.  The 6th stay was posted today, and you are not counting it.


This is a clear case of bait-and-switch.  I obeyed the rules -- 6 stays by June 30 -- but clearly you have changed the rules on me.  That's not fair.