Disappointed that Marriott sold out to Sky Mall...

Discussion created by mekgolfski on Jun 30, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2013 by ctreglia

As a Lifetime Platinum, Marriott used to offer special Elite Only awards for Marriott Gift Cards.  I think the code was E195...what ever the code, I was able to get $1000.00 in Marriott Gift Cards for 135,000 points.  Now that Sky Mall has the rewards - the only fee - regardless of level is 225,000 for $1000.  Sad that Marriott wants to minimize the worth of their most frequent travelers.  Marriott still has the highest number of stays to reach their highest level and offer so much less...I have found out that Hyatt and Hilton will offer a tier match if you can prove your number of stays and gives you a year to earn that tier...lower stays - higher perks....sorry Marriott - you are driving this Lifetime Platinum away...QUICKLY!  Someone in corporate should understand the impact of your 'REWARD' changes.  Hyatt and Hilton - I will not only make my personal changes but bring my employees with me.  SO DISAPPOINTED IN MARRIOTT!