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Numerous Hotels not accepting points

Question asked by ke10hofen on Jun 30, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2013 by iahflyr

I am at my wits end.  I have been a Platinum member for almost 10-years and have always spoke highly of Marriott and stayed with them 100 percent of the time.  However, in the last year I have noticed that more often than not hotels WILL NOT have any rooms available for rewards booking.  This in NOT just a random complaint.  Since February I have had at least 5 hotels in different locations across the US not accept a rewards booking while they will more than happily accept a booking for $$$ from even a non-rewards member.  I have sent a complaint to customer service and pretty much got a form letter blowing my concerns off.  The block rewards reservations attempts where in California, Washington State, Oregon and Colorado.


This was about a month ago that I wrote that letter.  Now I am trying to plan a trip with my wife for our anniversary.  We are flying into Reno and driving to Napa.  I attempted to book rooms in South Lake Tahoe and then in Napa.  I have the frame grabs from my attempts, but can not load them here.  However, the results are 2 BLOCKED hotels in South Lake Tahoe and 3 BLOCKED hotels in the Napa area.  I was forced to get a hotel 20-miles from where we will need to be even though the Marriott that is 3.8 miles away WILL TAKE MY MONEY BUT NOT MY POINTS!!!!!  I signed off as a platinum member and went back to the Marriott website as just anyone.  I did not sign in and was able to book THE SAME EXACT NIGHTS AS LONG AS I PAID. HOWEVER, AS A PLATINUM MEMBER I COULD NOT USE MY POINTS!!!????????


THIS IS NOT A ONE TIME OCCURRENCE!!!!!!! This has happen with at least a dozen Marriott locations across the country. It took me 3 phone calls to customer service before anyone would give me the Marriott HQ address in Maryland.  I feel like my opinion as a nearly 10-year platinum member does not matter.  Regardless of whether or not this is something of a new "inside policy" it is certainly my perception and a GROWING perception of other Marriott members.  For any Marriott customer service rep to spout the "policy of no blackout dates" is irrelevant.  Actions of Marriott hotels speaks volumes to me!