Traveling with food allergies

Discussion created by zukracer on Jun 28, 2013
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I'm curious what other insiders experiences has been with traveling with food allergies.  My 4yr old daughter has a number of them (soy, gluten, corn, milk are some), none are anaphylactic thankfully and we are trying to plan a family vacation.  I've considered some places out in the Rockies or west coast as they afford us the ability to shop at stores that stock things she would eat at home.  This could be a good option and might play out as the choice we make.  The other places the family is pushing for as their primary choice is the Caribbean, with the USVI as their first choice, perhaps the BVI as a second choice.  This is really the first trip we will be taking with her on a plane to a place that wasn't at or near family so the comfort zone really isn't the same.


Anyone here have any experience with this type of travel?  Any suggestions or perhaps specific experience in the USVI?  I was thinking about calling down to the property and speaking with the chef or manager and I'm sure they can prepare whatever however we need but I don't want to be tied to eating only at the property.