Vacuum cleaner is too big to go under the beds...

Discussion created by cjmarriott on Jun 23, 2013

Sometimes after staying in a hotel room, I will get a scratchy throat and runny nose.  If you are the same, you may want to look at the bathroom vents and under your bed when you check into your room.  We have stayed at three different Marriott hotels (category 4, 7, and 8) and found thick dust on the bathroom vent  or trash under the bed.  One time we had to call the front desk twice before they successfully removed the bag of food from under the bed.   The bag of food was left by a previous guest --- but who knows how many guests before us.  The problem is the vacuum cleaner head is too big to go all the way under the bed.  We had to lift the bed so that housekeeping could do a thorough cleaning.  Marriott needs to invest in a vaccum that will fit all areas in the room.