St Thomas for a family vacation - Frenchmans Reef or Ritz?

Discussion created by zukracer on Jun 30, 2013

We are considering a family vacation to St Thomas this Sept.  It's our first with the kids (4 &10) but my wife and I have been to the island previously.  I'm curious what everyone thinks of the Frenchman's Reef and the Ritz.  Both are a lot of points and we'll be cashing in points for the trip and both list resort fees.  Now from what I can gather in other reviews and the limited info on the Marriott page, I'm not sure I don't already get the bulk of what they are charging me for free with my Plat Prem. status, though I'd LOVE a full list of what is included in the $35/day.  The Ritz clearly lists what they provide in their $62/day fee and I know my Plat. Prem. status means squat there  


Anyone have recent, first hand info of these properties?  It seems I'll want to rent a car as taxi service can be a bit $$ for a week down there.  Any suggestions on better places than others?  I'm researching on tripadvisor and other places but always good to hear from familiar folks. Anyone had any luck with upgraded rooms based on status?  I'm guessing we'd be ok in a standard room and while I'd love an upgrade there's just no way I'm paying $110/night + 240k points for a room that only lists for 292/night.


Thanks in advance!