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Hutchinson Island states that no one gets free wifi.....?

Question asked by ardeni on Jun 30, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2013 by lakersfan

Just got off the phone with the front desk at Hutchinson Island Resort about an upcoming vacation stay where I've booked two rooms, one of which is for my kids only.  They publish a $15 resort fee, and the representative confirmed that this is for parking and internet.  So, I asked what if my internet access is already covered by my Gold elite benefits (as many of you have pointed out in posts).  Before I even had a chance to also make the point about the kids not needing parking or internet, she stated that no one gets free internet at HI, not even Platinums.  This clearly contradicts the published benefits that Golds and Plats get free wifi across all Marriott brands (even resorts), and I thought that an individual hotel can't change the published benefits.


I've seen the various posts describing differing experiences with the resort fee, but any advice in this situation?  If we do end up parking a car, I could see possibly paying the resort fee for one room only, but definitely not for both rooms.  But, what if we don't even park a car?  Other family members are meeting us there, and we could envision sharing a minivan.  The blanket statement about no free wifi for any elites seems bogus.