Continental Breakfast--Breaking News

Discussion created by anadyr on Jun 23, 2013
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Here at the Santa Clara Marriott they have chosen to extend the Concierge Breakfast to weekends, albeit with reduced fare, and no crowd controls. As you can see if you turn the image around, the sign says key access but in reality it is open to anyone with the strength to push a double door open, which many people did thinking it was Parcel 104, the restaurant next door (and I am sure they are losing revenue because of this).  Two nice attendants looked slightly bewildered and chatted quietly with each other in the corner of the huge Sports Bar, Characters, where the food was set out.


DSCN0726.JPGThe breakfast itself was truly uninspired and vaguely continental, all gluten, with cereals and breads, some fruits, two juices, coffees, and hot oatmeal.  No bacon sadly.  Here's  a hidden camera shot (not really) of the breads etc.DSCN0725.JPG The place is a sports bar during other times and used for breakfast now seven days a week, but for five days there are at least two hot things to choose from.  Now it is not much more than a grab and go place, televisions everywhere, and not that glamorous.


I will give them credit for rolling this out this way and know that first times are always harder, but this is sadly not a good thing.


The offer at check in of ten dollars off instead of 500 points would have made the full restaurant breakfast 34$ for two, plus tip and tax of course, since it is a lavish spread for $22 per person.  I think next time I am here I'll got that route.  I miss bacon, and really need it!!!!