Above and beyond

Discussion created by jencloes on Jun 24, 2013
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On our recent stay at the Santa Clara Marriott my daughter accidentally left her dive sticks at the pool overnight. When we went to check out the next day employee Susan Lobodzinski helped her look for them. Unfortunately we only found 2 of the original 6. Susan told my daughter that if she found them she would send them to us. You would think that this is where the story ends, but no. We left the Santa Clara Marriott on Friday and arrived home from our trip Sunday evening. First thing Monday morning we received a package from Susan with a set of brand new dive sticks with a sweet note letting my daughter know that she didn't find her dive sticks, but hoped she would be able to use the new ones. We have stayed at many Marriott hotels, never have we had someone go this above and beyond to make our experience pleasant for the entire family. Susan helped make it possible for my daughter to look back on our recent vacation as a great one rather than the one where she lost her dive sticks.