Bilingual Toiletries

Discussion created by ptomczik on Jun 24, 2013
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This is the second check-in in a row now that I've received two conditioners and no shampoo.  I'm not surprised by this though, considering the newly labeled Paul Mitchell bottles.  If you haven't seen them, in the past they said along the side "Shampoo" or "Conditioner", now they have the Spanish counterpart printed in the same font right next to English.  The problem lies in the Spanish word for conditioner, it's "apres shampooing".  When looking quickly at the bottle of conditioner, the word shampoo jumps out at you as it is the word closest to the top of the bottle.  I don't blame housekeeping for making this mistake, it's very poor labeling on the part of Paul Mitchell.  I wonder if anyone else has had similar experiences.