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Suggestions to Improve the Marriott Brand

Question asked by murphy_sr on Jun 21, 2013

DISCLAIMER - First let me begin by stating that I have not affiliation with Marriott or any of its various brands.


We all belong to the Marriott Rewards Program for a variety of reasons and presumably we all remain with the Program because we see "value". However, any brand/product can be improved. So with this in mind, what constructive suggestions do you have to improve the Marriott experience? Lets not talk about individual experiences at a particular establishment, etc. but focus on suggestions that could be widely implemented across a Marriott brand or brands. Here are a few of my suggestions, what are yours?


a.     At the Courtyard/Residence Inns, please replace those individual room ac units that whistle and hum whenever the wind blows.


b.     The standard of service in the lounges needs to be consistent and predictable. For example, the Marriott's in Canada are not open on weekends but they are open seven days a week elsewhere. The lounge amenities/snacks/beverages offered also vary from hotel to hotel.


c.     Offer Marriott Program members preferred pricing for rooms that are at least equal to the best available rates offered