Airlines, the good old days

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How many of you remember these kinds of things in First Class or even Business Class on US and Foreign Air Carrier long haul flights:

  1. The starched white linen napkins with the button hole sewn in one corner so you could protect your shirt and tie while dining.  (I got several bottles of wine and champagne over the years, wrapped in those napkins, from flight attendants, for no particular reason other than they were nice folks and I guess I was too).
  2. Having an in plane elevator to move heavy outer coats at the back of the first class on wide bodies, like the elevators for car parks in NYC.
  3. (this happened to me on United from SFO to HNL) Just a drip from a red wine a senior flight attendant was pouring accidentally fell on my right pants leg, no real damage to my dark suit, but the she made a fuss, gave me a 50 dollar off next flight certificate for my dry cleaning bill, and her HNL phone number (I never called).
  4. Having the pilot circle the airport so we all could watch the end of the movie on those little movie screens.
  5. Before takeoff, having your kids tour the cockpit, even sit in the seat, and be surprised at the ground approach seat vibrator alarm.
  6. Being met by a special Concierge to take you to your next flight, or to wait in a private lounge,
  7. Laughing out loud at an always inventive, very humorous announcement by a flight crew member about seat belts, ovehead bins, tray tables, and oxygen masks. (PSA was famous for these stand-up routines), and
  8. Having the employees thank you for being a loyal customer, and mean it?