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Chicago, Fine Dining!

Question asked by jerrycoin on Jun 17, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2013 by trippin'

This past week was a good time to be in Chicago, especially if you wanted to dine.  The weather was cool, and you could dress in a comfortable way for Summer.


Two places really were enjoyable.  If you have more to add, please do!  Here are two impressive places:




On the 40th floor of The Financial Center, not far from The Renaissance, this experience was very special.  The food was excellent, and the service was just as good.  They treated us very well and I plan to go back.



The dessert was unique and memorable, as were the other dishes.  A special place for a special occasion.  I only "Celebrate" on days ending with "Y's"!


The staff was friendly and professional, I think the G.M. set the tone!


Ask for Jason, he was a wonderful host!


The second place, is also great.  It was the third trip there, and all have been exceptional:





This brownstone home, next to the FF, on Ontario Street is very peaceful, and very good.  Small and formal, it is great for a relaxing dinner in The Windy City!


Enjoy Chicago, and please share with us, your recommendations!ca