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Cosmopolitan Las Vegas July 2013 Platinum Rewards question

Question asked by sunworship on Jun 17, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2013 by mdphillips69

I am a Platinum member staying for 5 nights on points at The Cosmopolitan in July.  I'm hoping for an upgrade (as I am usually able to get when staying at a Marriott property, even when using points).  Since I'm arriving at the property late at night (midnight) would you suggest that I call ahead to ask for an upgrade?  I've never called ahead to ask for an upgrade before--I've just been very pleasant to the person behind the desk who was helping me and I've been lucky enough to get one when available.  I've read on this forum (on a different thread) that when someone arrived at night they got very poor service by the night manager and they were given a less than acceptable room. 


I wouldn't normally be concerned if I were checking in late at night at an "regular" Marriott property....but where this is an "autograph" hotel I'm not sure that I'll get the service and perks that I'm accustomed to.


Any help is much appreciated!