Renaissance Palm Springs

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My wife and were going to drive from Phoenix to visit my father in Hemet, CA for Father’s Day. To break up the trip, I used points to spend Saturday night at the Renaissance Palm Springs. The Ren PS is only 4 blocks from the down town strip. We arrived in PS about 1 PM on Saturday, so we drove the 2 blocks from the Ren to Sherman’s Deli and shared a hot pastrami with swiss on rye. (Nothing like a good deli sandwich!).

We checked into the Ren about 2 PM. Our check in clerk asked if I wanted points or a gift and I immediately responded points. (I have never been very impressed with the “gift” choices, i.e. bottled water or some other insignificant items.) Our clerk placed the “gift” list in front of me and said to go ahead and also select a gift, on him. I looked at the list and was surprised, in addition to the water there were ½ bottles of white and red wine AND some other items. I selected a ½ bottle of white wine and a bowl of salted mixed nuts. I was told they would be up at our room within ½ hour. When they arrived, after about 15 minutes in our room, it was a FULL bottle of chardonnay in an ice bucket with 2 wine glasses and with a large bowl of salted mixed nuts. As we completed our check in we were told to just show our Elite door key at the main restaurant and that we would get free breakfast Sunday morning, anything on the menu including the $20 full buffet. Next, we were told that the $10 self parking fee would be waived. Our parking tag for the car was marked “Elite” so that I could pull into the valet parking area which was much closer to the front doors. During check in we were advised that we had a room with a balcony overlooking the pool. Since our balcony was in the shade during the afternoon (unlike some) we were able to sit on the balcony and have our wine and nuts while doing some reading.

When we were in our room I noticed a note on the dresser thanking me, by name, for staying at the Ren. There were 2 bottles of water and 2 tickets that said “The first drink is on us”. I assumed this was just the water bottles, but my wife pointed out that the tickets were for the lobby bar. When we took the tickets to the lobby bar we received two free cocktails! After some hors d’oeuvres and another cocktail we walked the 4 blocks to downtown and enjoyed checking out  the night life.

I have only been a Platinum for about 2 years. Based on what I have read on MRI it appears that I have missed the golden years of Elite status. After this visit to the Ren, I am thinking this is what it must have been like. When I was checking out I asked if the free cocktails were normal. I was told that it had started about 3 weeks ago for Plat Elites. I suspect it may be due to this being the “off” season for Palm Springs, i.e. HOT. A GREAT one night visit to Palm Springs, thanks to the Renaissance.