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My only funny (there have been other not so funny events on other flights) Cape Air adventure, started on a hot and humid August day at Hyannis Airport (HYA) on Cape Cod,  I was bound for Boston (BOS), a nonstop, and boarded the ten seater. The cabin was separated from the cockpit by a curtain that could not have stopped even a good wind, but that was pre-9/11.  Pilot and copilot looked to be under 21, but that's OK--better reflexes. 


We're buckled in and copilot leans over, says to us, "Hey folks, we're going to make a short detour to the Vineyard, everybody OK with that?"


As passengers it was a rhetorical question, since he could fly and we could not.  We all nodded yes.


The flight was almost as long a taxi as it was in the air.  We landed and one soul came aboard.  The curtain was still open and I heard the pilot speaking to the copilot in sotto voce, "Hey, do we have a card for gas here? Gonna be tight to get to Boston." (he used the New England/JFK broad A, as in Baaastan, when he spoke)


At that point we decided that we might have to take up a collection, just to be safe. He found something and we gassed up, thankfully.


We made it to Boston, via good old Cape Air, and that's the story.