Flying memories: Mesa to Los Alamos

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Years ago I took the DASH 7 to Los Alamos, New Mexico using Mesa Airlines. Los Alamos Airport (LAM) is now owned by the county but in the past it existed solely to cater to the folks inside the fence at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, home of the first nuclear bombs during World War II.  I had a scheduled meeting with the lab director, and was going to be in Albuquerque (some 96 miles away) anyway visiting an installation there, and was coerced into taking a Mesa Airlines de Havilland DASH 7.


The remaining passengers were lab folks, heading home.  I was the lone outsider and seated with a clear view of the landing gear, including one very bald tire facing me on the double wheeled landing gear as we rolled onto the active runway.

I mentioned it to my seatmate, who said with a grin, "The other one next to it has a lot of tread on it."  And so I left my fate to the one good tire, to Mesa Airlines, and the fates.