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How about this as an Insider benefit?

Question asked by erc on Jun 18, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2013 by eb5147

Reading the recent answer to a question about how to post a review (Marriott CY Times Sq. West, which btw, excellent response time Andy) got me thinking about a possible Insiders' benefit that could prove significant and should be goal congruent with Marriott.


Because the property wasn't listed for reviews, it made me think of new hotels, which made me think of the number of new hotels, like the CY  NY Manhattan/Herald Square,

where if you catch them early enough in the pricing grid, offer terrific prices (so good, that I, Mr. ABC*  booked a stay for the Labor Day holiday).

Since Marriott, understandably, prices for revenue/profit optimization, the fact that these 'early bird' specials exist (which granted, don't last long) indicates that to get the traffic flowing, Marriott is willing to deal. Is there a way (or does a list exist somewhere) for upcoming new properties to be listed on Insiders, where we (and that includes the 54,000 new members who played your review contest) can go and check out the pricing grid?


Note: I'm not asking for any proprietary data or any special deals - just a look at the grid's arm's length market prices of publically announced soon to be opened properties (yes, they are of course, already in the matrix, but one must stumble upon them - similar to many of the Member Exclusive Offers)**. Egocentric that I am, I of course, feel Insiders would be an excellent (if not deserved) target audience.


What are your thoughts communitymanagers and michellel2 and Insiders?





**please - to avoid distraction from the Post's question - no response needed on all Member Exclusive Offers being gathered together in the offers package - we've danced that dance before.