Language on Guest Satisfaction Surveys differs from Marriott Rewards member profile

Discussion created by touchtheflame on Jun 14, 2013
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I have been a Marriott Rewards member since 2001, and been either Gold or Platinum since 2004.  I previously lived in British Columbia, Canada, and in 2007, moved to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  My language preferences with Marriott have always been set to English, and never to any other language.


Periodically, I receive guest satisfaction e-mails following stays at hotels.  I have noticed that since 2007, I have been receiving these e-mails in French (with the exception of one sentence saying you can click here to participate in the survey in English - though the e-mail heading, along with the entire message, is all in French only), not withstanding the fact that my language preference is set to English.  After having been irritated by this one too many times, I contacted Marriott through their social media team.  They stated that based on my postal code in Ottawa, the system defaults all survey communications to French, even though Marriott knows (and should know) my communications preference is set to English.  Furthermore, although there are indeed French speaking people in Ottawa, English is still the language most used in the province of Ontario, and French is by no means the "default" language in Ottawa.


To me, this seems absurd.  What is the point of setting your communications preference to English, when Marriott's poorly-designed system unilaterally decides what language the member should receive e-mails in?  I was told by the social media team that there is no way to change this, even though a member might not speak the language that the computer system thinks I should be speaking.  I think I know what language I speak better than some computer algorithm that Marriott's genius computer engineers use, and actually find this personally offensive and insulting to be told that nothing can be done about it.  Guest Relations at Marriott has been equally unhelpful in resolving this issue (and in fact, the agent I spoke to has been by far the most condescending, disrespectful and rude person I have ever dealt with in the 12 years I have been a Marriott Rewards member).


Did anyone at the executive level at Marriott not think this through before implementing this absurd policy of overriding one's set language preference on the whim of some computer algorithm that purportedly knows what language I communicate in better than myself?  I'd love to hear your feedback on this.