Points devaluation or inconsistency?  Be an educated consumer!!!!

Discussion created by ssindc on Jun 11, 2013

OK, here's a weird one today.  I realize most folks don't use their points to get merchandise for free, but - sometimes - I check for items on my wish list.  The moral of the story is: do your homework before you buy!!!  One quick anecdote:

I've been thinking about burning the better part of a million points to snag the Canon 5D Mark III, a popular high-end professional-quality camera body.

  • On January 4, I posted that you could get one for 926,000 points -;
  • today (June 11), the exact same camera would set you back 1,157,500 points - Session Timeout  - or try Session Timeout- and, no, I don't know why those URL's pop up as Session Timeout, but the links are still good....
    • in other words, the recent point devaluation appears to have bumped up the price by 231,500 points - that's a lot!!!
  • but wait - if you were to buy the same item directly from Marriott - with no middleman - you would burn even more points and not get the lens!!!
  • For comparison purposes,
    • the nation's leading online camera shop sells the camera for about $3,330 (and, with the lens, it's $3,900), after Canon rebates...
  • Just to recap - on January 4, I could have bought the camera for 926,000 points on Poplr, but today, Marriott is selling it for 540,000 points more - wow!!!!
    • he who hesitates ... is lost....