Nomination for the Spirit to Serve Award

Discussion created by rhurt on Jun 11, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2013 by laurac

I would like to recognize and thank Shirley H from the St Petersburg Marriott Clearwater.  Shirley made my 6-month stay the absolute best it could be.  She would always tell me to come see her for anything I needed.  I remember when I first arrived at the Marriott there were a few things I wanted to have in the room to help make the long stay more comfortable.  I talked to Shirley about these items and next thing I know they are there.  She got me things like a larger trash can, a laundry basket (from her house), a new pan, knives for preparing food, and numerous other little things that made the stay so much better.  She always made sure I had a supply of water and apples.  In addition, my birthday was during my stay and Shirley had a small cake made, brought it to my room and sang happy birthday…what a treat!  It's the small things like these that add up and make the time away from bearable. Having people like Shirley on Marriott staff will keep me coming back.  Please select her for this award....she is absolutely an asset to Marriott and deserving of the recognition.