Courtyard Downtown Denver

Discussion created by curiousone on Jun 11, 2013

I just finished a 3 day stay at the CY in downtown Denver (on 16th St. mall). This is very conveniently located and a nice hotel. They had a full Starbucks coffee bar down in the lobby each morning and they delivered a Denver Post to my door each morning. I was able to get a copy of the WSJ down in the lobby Monday morning. We arrived from the airport at noon and our room was ready. A 2PM late checkout was not a problem. Each time I interacted with the front desk they acknowledged my status.The lobby has some comfortable furniture and decent lighting, so we could spend time reading at night. During June, Denver has placed old upright pianos (painted in funky colors) along the 16th St mall for people to play. We heard some interesting piano players while walking along the mall. Sunday afternoon I noticed a piano tuner working on one of the pianos, so they apparently try to keep them in tune even if they are sitting out in the open. I was surprised at the lack of support of local breweries, at least in the restaurants that we visited. At Ted's Montana Grill (As in Ted Turner) I asked about local brews and the waiter looked at me like I was speaking German. The steak bar at the DIA terminal C had 40 local brews to choose from.