Summertime BBQ Ideas & Favorites

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Yes it is summertime even in the far north (trippin') so I thought it would be a good time to share your thoughts on BBQ and your favorites.

We are able to grill/smoke all year long and I take full advantage of it so when the summer street parties arrive our food is among the first to disappear.  While I'm still learning the tricks to smoking food, grilling is the staple with anything being grilled from stuffed jalapeno's and grilled hot wings to pork chops, pork loin, assorted different cold water fish and summer favorites of ribs and chicken.  Reading and listening to BBQ purists I'm sure they'd be telling me you can't do that with baby backs, but it's what we find has the most flavor and tenderness.

I've toyed with smoking baby backs with only a dry rub and many hours on the smoker as well as cooking them in the oven using beer then finishing them by slow cooking over indirect heat, low and slow while basting them with BBQ sauce every 30 minutes creating a very nice glaze on the ribs.  All you purists read no further!!

1. Start with a nice lean rack or more of baby backs, wash then pat the ribs dry and the remove the membrane on the bone side of the ribs. 

2. Create your favorite dry rub with flavors you enjoy most such as brown sugar, smoked paprika, garlic powder, mustard powder, black pepper, a little cayenne pepper (spicy as you like) and onion powder. 

3. Rub both sides of the ribs with extra virgin olive oil and then liberally coat both sides of the ribs with your dry rub.

4.Wrap them tightly in a good plastic wrap and put them in the refrigerator overnight.

5. The next morning unwrap them and put them in a pan of your favorite beer (I use 12 oz per rack) meat side down and put them in the over at 350 for 45 minutes, then lower the temperature to 300 and let them cook another hour.  The purists I told you to stop reading.

6. Take the ribs out of the oven and let them cool in the beer for 30 minutes while you start your grill.

7.  Rub olive oil on the grill grates when it is hot and put the ribs on bone side down while sprinkling your dry rub onto the meat side and lower the temperature of the grill.

8. After 15 minutes turn the ribs meat side down an apply the remainder of your dry rub while keeping the grill around 225 degrees and the ribs away from the heat source.

9. After 15 minutes turn the ribs and liberally apply your favorite BBQ sauce, repeating the process for 3 hours or until the ribs start to fall off the bones.  You'll be able to tell as you turn them each time.

10. Get the fixin's of pea salad or potato salad, homemade of course and let the ribs sit for 20-30 minutes before cutting them with a very sharp knife into 2-3 rib bones per slice.  They may be hard to cut and pull apart if the knife is dull.

I think you'll find a great tender tasty meal and I hope to have others share their favorite BBQ recipes.

Enjoy and have a fine season of outdoor cooking.