Gas Stations

Discussion created by anadyr on Jun 9, 2013
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There I was at the gas station this morning before church about 7:30am. I spot an older homeless guy as he walks by lighting up near the pumps. I am not thrilled and we don't make eye contact after that. He leans against the mini-mart wall absent-mindely smoking when a car drives up, the driver rulls down his window, says hello and asks how the doctor's visit wwnt. The homeless guys speaks clearly about his physical health, his prognosis, and things in general. He, and other drivers who volunteer,  head out early, checking on the homeless, seeing to their needs, making sure they are OK. No money passed hands, just the spirit of human kindness. Guess I need to be more sympathetic, but then I was on my way to church!

Life's lessons happen in the most incredible places, even at the Union 76 at the corner of Pacific and Munras in old Monterey.