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Mr. Marriott, I hereby nominate Amanda S. of the Kansas City Airport Marriott for the Spirit to Serve award. I first met Amanda late one night in January 2012. I had a long day followed by a long drive to the hotel, and she offered to take a large cart full of baggage to my room while I parked my car. When I offered her a tip for her services, she politely declined, saying it was her pleasure to assist me. She has assisted me very ably each and every stay at this hotel over the past 16-plus months, and I cannot wait to see her smile whenever I make the long drive from my residence to Kansas City.


Amanda treats every guest as if they were a platinum premeier member, even if they are not even a member of Marriott Rewards. She is always waiting to greet guests with a smile and a warm welcome when they are returning to the hotel, and never loses her cool under pressure. I believe this young lady has tremendous potential and is so worthy of this award.


David Steinle

Russell, Kan.

Platinum Premeier Elite member

Marriott Rewards member since November 1999k