Disturbing Room Experience

Discussion created by ab3i on Jun 10, 2013
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I just checked into a certain property in OKC and had a weird and disturbing room experience. The front desk check-in person was friendly and courteous and as the guaranteed room type (king) wasnt available on a high floor, he asked if me a room with two doubles on the top floor would be okay. I accepted the room, since it didn't really matter if it was a king as long as it was on a high floor. The disturbing aspect of this room was that it was cleaned, the old occupants keys and some trash was in the groom, but worst off all the restroom had human excrement floating in the pot!!! Now I have checked into rooms that weren't cleaned before, but this is new and fairly disturbing, I went downstairs and asked for a different room, and they gladly assigned me a new one. The same front desk person was very apologetic, and walked me to my room and even asked me if he could do anything to make my stay more comfortable, but at the moment I am just.. i don't know, shocked I suppose. I have asked the GM to call me tomorrow, but honestly speaking at this point I am not sure what to say to him apart from ask what the heck? I also don't know what to tell them in terms of 'what can be done', I don't know if I should ask for points as right now I don't know if points will get the disturbing and disgusting image out of my head.


I Certainly hope that this was a one-off, and I am a bit queasy about staying at this property, but this is the best Marriott property near my client site and I might have to stay here for a few more weeks. Needless to say, I might have to switch to Starwood for the next few weeks. I certainly hope that the GM calls me tomorrow, I left my cell number with the front desk requesting him to call me, and that he can provide me with some peace of mind.