What exactly is "Guaranteed room type" - opinions/thoughts/facts all welcomed :)

Discussion created by zukracer on Jun 5, 2013
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So I'm staying at the Springhill Suites in Tampa and arrived, having the reservation booked over a week and with additional weeks already on the books to come, to find that they had not blocked me into a room.  I have in my profile, king bed, high floor, etc.  I do NOT have the accessible room selected and my profile is set to bed selection as the key.


I was greeted nicely, thanked for coming back, etc but then told they were "sold out" and that they could put me in a standard room with two double beds OR a king bed in an accessible room.  I actually consider accessible rooms a different type of room because they are not "standard" and are often furnished or configured differently for the purpose of being "accessible".  And personally I don't want an accessible room.  I think they should have them for those that need them but I don't like the rooms because of the different configurations.


So my question to the group is this.  If my room type is a king, non-smoking standard room, does assigning me a choice of either a double or accessible room render this "guarantee" null/void?  Before I get into this with the hotel GM, I wanted to get the thoughts, opinions, etc from you guys & gals because part of me thinks its just my bias against accessible rooms that has me annoyed.  The other part of me thinks, well gosh I'm a plat prem. member who made this reservation with ample lead time, I should be given a proper room based on selection and not the guy checking in at 9pm being told we are sold out and here's what we have, take it or leave it.