Touchy feeley issues

Discussion created by anadyr on May 31, 2013
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OK.   So I got a new touchscreen computer, and trying to be suave, I inadvertently passed my hand (not my finger) over a hotel rate listing for a resort and voila I had booked it--not to mention at an exorbitant price and a room type I did not want!  And to make matters worse, I was within the within three days no cancellation period allowed for the place! 

My mistake was going to cost me one night's lodging.

Woe is me, but undeterred I called the Platinum line, and got the help I needed to undo my touch mistake, though it took three kind persons and hold time to do it.  Alas, it was solved after ten minutes of phone time.  Not quite as quickly as when I was a PP, but I had my problem solved.

Warning, know where you point these days with a touch screen!!!!!