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What is your favorite kind of gelato?

Question asked by lakeshore on May 26, 2013
Latest reply on May 27, 2013 by marriottmemberfromla

After just being in Italy, I must say, I do miss gelato!   So, I thought I would see what everyone's favorite kind of gelato is. And, if you can remember where you ate it, that might be useful information for those traveling to Italy soon! I know that traveling with kids, gelato breaks are an important part of the day! Lol.

MY favorite place was actually in Pisa. It is called La Bottega Del Gelato. It was recommended to us 5 years ago by my son's awesome 1st grade teacher at the American School of Paris. She lives in Tuscany in the summers, and when she heard we were going, she made sure we would get the best gelato! Such a sweetheart! Now, this place is not by the touristy Part of Pisa by the tower or cathedral. It is in the real heart of the city. If you arrive by plane or train, you walk over the bridge on the way to the Tower, and right away there is a piazza. The gelato place is on the left. The Baci was heavenly....whole hazelnuts throughout, and so creamy!  The tower will be another 10 minutes walk or so.

We also had an amazing dinner in Pisa at Il Campano. The dishes with truffles were just delectible! Unfortunately, Il Campano is closed on Thursdays, so we couldn't eat there this time...boy was I bummed! But, now I am off on a tangent! Sorry!

Back to all reality, you can hardly go wrong, although I was told to look at the pistachio when picking a place...if the pistachio is a bright green, move on...pistachio should be a bland green, not bright. If it is bright, it means they are not using real pistachios, and then most likely, they are using mixes, and not fresh ingredients.