Discussion created by anadyr on May 22, 2013
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Well, the recent disclosure that come June 22nd breakfasts* will be available seven days a week at some hotels, not resorts, left me wondering, if the whole Marriott Rewards Insiders (MRI) thing isn't a symptom of TMI: Too much information

The whole kerfuffle would have been avoided if the news appeared written on the wind or in a planted question at an ABA Meeting a few weeks ago (Oh, the IRS already used that, sorry).

So, as a long-standing member of MRI I would rather be in the dark all the time:  I can't change what Marriott does, only what I do, the news is not good for the most part about program changes, and overall, there is no real value in worrying about it for me.

So, there you have my two cents worth!


*lots of fine print, but this term covers a plethora of types of meals or non-meals served at some but not all places, with or without the prefix "continental" and implying that something might be available at some time in some places.  Not to be construed as food.