Least Favorite Big Cities

Discussion created by profchiara on May 24, 2013
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I thought since there was a discussion about our favorite cities in the world, it might be useful to discuss our least favorite cities. Keep in mind, I know this is entirely subjective .  I fully realize I'm opening myself to endless criticism in doing so, so I'll add this: #1 and 2 are so far above the others in cities I HATE that the last three are just cities I have mostly not enjoyed.  I've only once been to both Las Vegas and Los Angeles, so that anyone who feels differently can rightfully criticize me since I didn't first love Venice or Rome on my first trips.  Still, I doubt you'll convince me...


But I would respond to the possible critique that I hate what LV and LA represent because I think that is what is the worst of American culture.  So the last three are just subjective decisions based on extensive experience, while the first two were based on what I simply couldn't stand in one trip in each of the two places.  I don't like a culture of beauty, decadence, and superficiality. Snobbish, I know, but still...




1) Las Vegas

2) Los Angeles

3) New York

4) London

5) Paris