Marriott Increased the Point Cost of Their Gift Cards by ~36%!!! What's up with that?

Discussion created by mwerber1 on May 23, 2013
Latest reply on May 28, 2013 by hopetix

One of the primary reasons I switched to Marriott was the fact that they seemed to have a better point structure than competing brands.


Case in point - as of a few days ago, you were able to buy a $100 Best Buy, Cabellas, or Home Depot Gift Card (among others) for 22,000 points.


As of today (or, very recently), they have increased the cost of these gift cards to 30,000 points, representing a 36% increase in the cost of the cards.


I was specifically saving my points for the purchase of a sweet Jet table saw from Home Depot... which means I am not only 36% farther away from my goal, but I will now move towards that goal at a much slower pace.


I am upset by this change and hope that you are too. Maybe they will change their minds and revert back to the prior point structure? This change cost me $200+ in gift cards. Had I known it was coming, I would have used my points