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Will the Cosmopolitan Honor the New Breakfast Benefit?

Question asked by vaboywnder on May 22, 2013
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This week Marriott Rewards announced a new Breakfast Benefit for Gold & Platinum Rewards Members. 


It's a fresh perk for Gold and Platinum Elite Marriott Rewards members: Starting June 22 we will offer free continental breakfast for 2 at JW Marriott®, Autograph Collection®, Renaissance® and Marriott Hotels® across the U.S. and Canada* – every day, 7 days a week. When the concierge lounge is open, you and a guest can enjoy complimentary continental breakfast.

And there's more on the menu. Any time the lounge is closed, you'll have a choice of continental breakfast for 2 in the hotel's restaurant or 750 points.** Outside the U.S. and Canada you will continue to enjoy daily complimentary continental breakfast. So be watching for this delicious benefit. We're serving up good mornings, free and easy for you.

Plus, Platinum Elite members will enjoy a new flexibility with their Platinum Arrival Gift: Soon you can choose 500 points or a $10 food and beverage coupon to be used during your stay, with our compliments.

*Resorts are excluded. Charges applied for additional guests.
**A limited number of hotels will provide 1,000 points in lieu of breakfast in the event the lounge is closed.

Since the Cosmopolitan is an Autograph Hotel does this mean Gold and Platinum Rewards Members will get free breakfast 7 days a week?  Currently Platinum Rewards Members are offered a free Breakfast Buffet in their Wicked Spoon Restaurant once during their stay.  Or will the Cosmopolitan not have to honor this benefit since it could be viewed as a Resort property?